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How High Do Cloud-Based Apps Need To Reach to Deliver Value? Meet Dr. Hans Rosling

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With dozens of new analytics, CRM, supply chain, pricing and even ERP systems being introduced on the SaaS platform every month I’ve begun to see what is separating the excellent ones from the rest.

The exceptionally strong applications are built to give room for user’s passions for improving their own performance and measuring that progress daily – they are goal-oriented from the user’s point of view.Engineered not for development expediency but for exceptional user experience, these apps are what make users passionate about software.

Whenever I meet someone passionate about using analytics in their work I think of one of my teaching heroes, Dr. Hans Rosling.The creator of and professor of global health at Sweden’s Karolinska Institute, this man is so passionate about his work you can’t help but get involved in his discussions. If you teach, you will find his approach to bringing analytics to life an inspiration. Here is a clip of him presenting at a TED Conference in February, 2006.

Bottom line: Creating passionate users starts when applications become integral to their attaining their goals, and the quick delivery times of SaaS apps can do that when developed the user’s experience being top priority over development expediency.

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