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Seeing Potential in the Passion to Innovate: Why SaaS Platforms May Have an Edge

Companies who see the potential in their employee’s passion to innovate get out of their way and give them opportunities to get involved in projects they deeply care about. Often exceptional results emerge from these efforts, leading to entirely new businesses. That’s the key take-away of the rule of 20%. For software companies delivering apps on the SaaS platform, the potential for getting immediate customer feedback is turning into an entirely new source of innovation. The speed of customer feedback possible also opens up the potential of giving employees the chance to test new concepts immediately, nurturing innovation in the process.

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Altimeter and Web Analytics Demystified Release Social Marketing Analytics Report

Bottom line: Altimeter and Web Analytics Demystified have delivered a landmark report on social marketing analytics that is both pragmatic in advice and strategic in the framework delivered.

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Google’s Enterprise Cloud Vision Takes Shape at Atmosphere 2010

Having struggled to gain a foothold in the enterprise, Google has this year gone after this market with increased focus and intensity. Part of this increased focus on the enterprise is going to involve exclusive events where CIOs have the chance to interact with industry thought leaders. The first of several events was held Monday of this week at the Googleplex.

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Lessons Learned from the SAS Launch of Social Media Analytics

Bottom line: SAS has set a new standard on how to successfully launch a new service using social media. There’s great irony in the fact they are immediately analyzing this launch using their own software – what a great series of lessons for so many companies who will launch new apps and services this year.

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Thoughts on the Free Software Sales Model for SaaS Apps

For many enterprise software companies this is a very difficult subject as the control of the sales cycle is tantamount. Opponents argue that free software trials potentially derail sales cycles and give them less control.

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