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Ada Lovelace Day and a short video from Padmasree Warrior of Cisco on Cloud Services

Celebrating women’s accomplishments and thought leadership in science and technology, Ada Lovelace Day needs to permeate the cultures of the world. Only when that happens will the coming generations of women have a chance to make the most of their potential in these areas.

Padmasree Warrior of Cisco is a case in point of why this day and the thought behind it are important, especially for young women who are gifted in math and science, seeking role models.

Hidden Brilliance That Needs To See the Light of Day

In the graduate courses I’ve taught the most surprising aspect of any class are the women of exceptional brilliance that tend to hide their intelligence in science and math, only to show exceptional command of complex concepts on tests. These women, many from Asian, Middle Eastern and Eastern European cultures, would never engage in a fiery debate over the ethics of the Internet censorship in China or the best approach to defining an ERP system for a given case study. Yet when they put pen to paper as part of our case studies their work is perfect. Flawless. Excellent. The ones who attended British schools in Hong Kong analyze and write at a level that is well beyond their peers. They have so much talent yet such a reluctance to make the most of it. These are the women who need to hear about Ada Lovelace.

Padmasree Warrior, Senior VP and CTO of Cisco Systems Speaking on Cloud Services

In the following video clip Padmasree Warrior explains the fundamentals of Cisco’s Unified Service Delivery, a key component of their foundation for Cloud Services. At 5 minutes it’s worth watching and listening to.

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IBM’s Introduction to Cloud Computing

IBM produced the slide deck below to evangelize their Cloud Services and also to educate senior management teams at prospects and clients about the fundamentals of Cloud Computing. As a result this presentation can be readily re-purposed for training and writing as well. I'm not connected with IBM personally or professionally, yet I respect the quality of their work in this area .

If you are going to be writing about, lecturing or teaching on Cloud Computing this will be a great resource.

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Tim O’Reilly on the Future of Cloud Computing and Gov 2.0

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Tim O’Reilly shares his insights and thoughts on the future of Cloud Computing in the following video from the Minds in the Cloud channel on YouTube.

Of the many excellent points he makes, the one that is the most noteworthy is the fact he sees the costs of testing new ideas plummeting as Clouds emerge as low-cost testing platforms. IBM already has a complete application testing service that is Cloud based that aligns with the insights shared.

Most fascinating are the insights into how government needs to be more of a platform and less of a bureaucracy. The points made about analyzing the strongest and weakest areas of the existing healthcare system are especially timely given the passage of the bill over the weekend.  At just over 4 minutes this video is worth watching.

The Dunbar Number and Value Propositions: Time to Separate the Two

The optimal or maximum group of friends any person can keep up with is 150, or to be precise, 147.8, according to Dr. Robin Dunbar, Professor of Evolutionary Anthropology, University of Oxford. He has further stated that language is the means of “social grooming” which conjures up an image you would expect from an anthropologist, namely one of reciprocity and mutual support through contact.

Popularized by best selling books including one of my favorite, The Tipping Point: How Little Things Make A Big Difference by Malcolm Gladwell and vocal discussions by Chris Brogan, Seth Godin and others, the Dunbar Number continues to be either assailed as irrelevant or praised as the truth.

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Effectively and Securely Using the Cloud Computing Paradigm – Excellent Presentation from the NIST

Peter Mell and Tim Grance of the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) put together one of the best presentations I’ve seen recently and it’s available below from Slideshare. The NIST is one of the non-regulatory agencies that are part of the U.S. Department of Commerce and concentrates on measurement science, standards and technology to enhance economic security.

The presentation is broken down into Part 1 which focuses on the effective and secure use of Cloud Computing, with Part 2 concentrating on Cloud Computing resources, Case Studies and Security Models. The ultimate compliment of any presentation’s concepts and content are that it gets adopted into vendors’ presentations, and it’s been happening often to this specific deck.

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Updates to the e-Book and Research Page This Week

I’ve put the book, Getting Results from your Analyst Relations Strategies on the e-books and Research page for free download. Feel free to download and share it as much as you want. I wrote this book while at AMR Research originally as a guide to new vendor accounts. AMR was kind enough to allow me to publish it on my own with iUniverse. If you are considering ever writing and publishing your own book, iUniverse is worth considering. I had a great experience with them on this book. It’s a good overview of ideas for making analyst relations strategies more effective, especially for vendors just getting started.

A second e-book is titled Making Competitive Analysis Pay. This is a much more graphically-based e-book that explains how critical the three major areas of software competitive analysis are. There are also frameworks and the famous Conversation Prism which graphically explains how valuable social networks are as a competitive analysis platform. If you have any questions on it don’t hesitate to write.

I hope these e-books and the ones in development will be useful for you, thank you.

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A Look at MIT Media Lab’s Fascinating Project, Comm.unity And Its Potential for CRM

Being able to consolidate the many contacts, friends and associates from all the social networks you participate in to single contextual space that allows for them to be grouped by geographic proximity, trust, and shared interest is the ambitious goal of the MIT Media Labs Comm.unity platform.

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7 SaaS Revenue Streams Report Updated by Sixteen Ventures

Sixteen Ventures has updated one of their more popular reports titled SaaS Revenue Modeling: Details of the 7 Revenue Streams. It's an excellent report to review on the dynamics of SaaS pricing and strategy, areas Sixteen Ventures specializes in. You ca view the book on Slideshare below and also download the slides here.

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Selling SaaS-based Applications – Lessons from

Tien Tzuo, Chief Strategy Officer of, explains how quickly the company learned that the sales cycles of SaaS-based applications required a much greater sense of urgency, a much more distributed workforce, and much more attention to lead nurturing than had been the case with sales cycles of enterprise applications.

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How High Do Cloud-Based Apps Need To Reach to Deliver Value? Meet Dr. Hans Rosling

Bottom line: Creating passionate users starts when applications become integral to their attaining their goals, and the quick delivery times of SaaS apps can do that when development with a mindset of experience over development expediency.

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