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Louis Columbus Thank you for stopping by this blog.

This Blog’s Purpose

Customer-driven innovation made possible through social networks is re-ordering the software industry today.

This blog is dedicated to tracking the latest economic, technological, and social innovations impacting how companies use software to connect with and serve their channels and customers. What makes all these changes so fascinating is how trust is getting factored into these platforms, and the role it is playing in social networks too.

I really want to cover the intersection of trust and technology in this blog – that is what led me to create it.

The fact that any company can be up and running within days on an enterprise-level series of CRM applications using Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) illustrate this point.  Today entire governments globally are considering streamlining how their branches, divisions and ministries collaborate as well.  There’s a quiet revolution going on out there that needs to be tracked and listened to. And this revolution all centers on the customer, the client, the citizen – and that is incredibly powerful and worth watching.

I am  focusing on enterprise software and the customer-driven innovations occurring in this area often, and will also dive into Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) in addition to other innovative platforms.   Currently I teach International Business and International Marketing courses in addition to working as a Senior Manager, Enterprise Marketing at Cincom.  I’ve also been working on two books to be published this year.

My Background

I have a passion for research, writing and serving others with information and hope to enrich readers who choose to invest time here by delivering informative and interesting content.

I’ve been involved in software product management and planning, marketing, sales at a variety of companies including having been a senior analyst with AMR Research (now Gartner) for four and a half years.  I also teach graduate-level courses in International Business, Global Marketing, Competitive Strategy and Strategic Planning at Webster University and other colleges and universities on occasion.  At times I am sure I’ll mention examples from cases covered in class too, especially if they relate to social networking and technology innovation.

I am also the founder of Software Strategies Research.  We’re committed to providing insights into how SaaS applications can increase the financial performance of an enterprise by better serving customers and streamlining internal operations.  Our areas of expertise include Customer Relationship Management (CRM), sales analytics, multi-channel management, partner relationship management (PRM), pricing and Service Lifecycle Management (SLM).  Our clients’ needs for getting more value from their customer relationships, sales, pricing and service strategies are the priories that drive our research .

If you want to see more of my background, check the Google Profile link below.

Analyzing software industry trends is fascinating and I hope to be of service to you, the readers, with what I can find out.  Above all please let me know if there is an area you want covered and how I can be of service to you.

Thanks again for your time and for stopping by,

Louis Columbus

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