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LC Pic 2020 (2)This Blog’s Purpose

  • Provide data-driven analysis and insights into the enterprise software industry. My goal in writing this blog is to show how emerging technologies streamline customer experiences, change software economics, and improve outcomes for enterprise software users.  I’ll provide all the data each post is based on to provide you a thorough background on the topics I cover. 
  • Explore how cybersecurity is now a business decision that will make or break any business strategy. The pace of innovation in cybersecurity technologies is happening so fast today it’s changing business strategies sooner than anyone anticipated. I’m covering the intersection of AI, machine learning and advanced cybersecurity technologies and the need organizations have to improve endpoint security to stay competitive. I’ll also be concentrating on Zero Trust Security and its implications on organizations’ growth.
  • Dehyping emerging technologies by looking at their true value to enterprises. There’s an exceptionally high level of hype surrounding AI, machine learning, cybersecurity, and public cloud platforms  today. I intend to expose those technologies that are the most overhyped with solid, fact-based research on their real performance, showing which new technologies deliver proven value. 

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or comments. You can reach me on LinkedIn and Twitter.   

Thanks again for your time and for stopping by.

Kind Regards, 

Louis Columbus

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