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All the e-books and white papers on this page are free for downloading.

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Customer Relationship Management 

Transforming Customer Relationships and Your Business through Integration:Why Trust Is the New Currency

Executive Summary
Being able to delight your customer and build trust begins with knowing and understanding their needs. This knowledge can only come from a complete appreciation of their experiences with you. These experiences are captured in diverse systems across your business including your customer relationship management system (CRM), your customer service system and your marketing automation system. These may be legacy or new systems, and may be in the cloud or on-premise. Regardless, integrating these diverse, often siloed systems, can serve as a powerful catalyst for making your business more customer-centric and is the foundation for building trust. This white paper is for companies seeking to make customer relationship excellence a core part of their DNA and the essence of their business.

Analyst Relations

Getting Results from Your Analyst Relations Strategies

Having spent four years at AMR Research as a Senior Analyst, I began to see trends or patterns in best practices of how user and vendor clients interacted with the industry analyst community.  This book originally started out as an internal project I offered to do inside AMR.  It was clear that vendor and user accounts needed a practical, pragmatic framework to base their analyst relations strategies on.

Tony Friscia, founder and CEO of AMR Research was gracious enough to allow me to keep this project as my own, giving me permission to publish it external to the company.   I will always be thankful to Tony for the experiences at AMR and for his generosity in allowing me to publish this book, which began as a vendor on-boarding guide within AMR.   In this book you get a glimpse into how industry analysts speak to each other, challenge each other about the truth regarding vendors, and seek to serve clients.  It’s free to download, I hope you find value in it.

Channel Management

Using Social Networks to Increase Channel Selling

Combining the possibilities of digital marketing and social networks, this e-book captures how these networks can serve as a catalyst of trust in channel management.  The focus is on how to create higher levels of collaboration throughout channel management organizations, and how to use each social network for strategies that align best with each of their unique strengths.

Competitive Analysis

Making Competitive Analysis Pay e-book

Competitive analysis is a passion of mine.  I enjoy working on projects in this area and frequently get asked to speak on the topic in associates’ courses and also for trade organizations.  I’ve used this e-book to provide my graduate students with a glimpse into how intense and focused competitive analysis can get and how important it is to see it as a multifaceted strategy.  Students in my global competitive strategies class enjoy this e-book and often pass it around in their own marketing departments as well.  I hope you enjoy it and find it valuable.

New Product Introductions


Best Practices in New Product Introductions: Ten Ideas for Making New Product Launches Succeed 

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