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SAP On How SaaS Can Tame the ERP Beast for Small Business

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SAP has a reputation for being a technology-driven, engineering-centric company with a culture that celebrates all that is measurable in business processes.  This company has attention to detail hard-wired into their DNA.

So when the following video came out with its relaxed, casual narration voice, devoid of vendor-speak and the torrent of acronyms the majority of ERP marketing videos have, many took notice.    With over 6,400 views on YouTube as of today (July 30th) the message is resonating.  The self-deprecating humor about ERP systems is hilarious.

A final note: I showed this in my graduate-level course on international marketing last night.  I prefaced it with comments about how ERP marketing is often full of acronyms and buzzwords, and that humor is needed.  My students, some of whom are senior project managers at a major aerospace Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) provider, rolled their eyes and said the lack of ERP ease of use slows down their projects.  At the end of the video, they were laughing and asking for the URL.  They loved it.

Kudos to SAP for not taking themselves too seriously and having fun with ERP, and helping to educate small businesses about SaaS.

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