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Update on Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Alexa GrepTheWeb Service

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The following presentation from Amazon Web Services’ (AWS) Jinesh Varia includes an update on the Alexa GrepTheWeb Service and an excellent overview of AWS components. There is also an update on the AWS cloud architecture and definition of the Compute (EC2), messaging (SQS) and Storage (S3, Simple DB, and EC2-EBS) component integration.

Finally there are an interesting series of slides explaining courses at University of California, Santa Barbara and Stanford University on how AWS is being used to teach data mining and related topics.

This presentation also provides insights into how configurations of AWS can be customized for data mining and content management.

Disclaimer: Amazon and AWS are not clients of mine by the way.  When I write about vendors who are, I will be sure to mention it.

Ingram Micro Seeing Traction with Cloud Conduit Initiative

Bottom line: Reselling cloud computing services shows much potential as a market for technology platform and application providers. The challenge is the ability to tailor the services mix efficiently and accurately enough to capitalize on scalability and selective demand of mid-tier and small business end users.

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Stanford University Offering an Online Course on Cloud Computing This Fall

Stanford’s Center for Professional Development does an outstanding job with its programs, I have attended them in the past and they are excellent. Be sure to check out Dr. Tim Chou’s book on cloud computing. It is free and is a fast, highly informative read about cloud computing.

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Insights from Google’s Research into Cloud Computing and Software Security

Ulfar Erlingsson, Manager, Security Research at Google who has also taught at Reykjavík University, provides an overview of how Google is looking at software security for cloud users and application developers.

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Dr. Werner Vogels on Amazon’s AWS Enterprise Strategies

In addition, Dr. Werner Vogels, CTO of Amazon Web Services gave the keynote, which is shown below. Dr. Vogels is an excellent cloud computing evangelist, as this presentation shows. There are also valuable lessons about how AWS has grown to be one of the standards. It is worth flipping through and seeing how AWS is positioning cloud computing platforms and services to the enterprise market.

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SaaS-based ERP Systems are Business Process Stress Tests in Progress

Bottom line: Signing up for an Amazon AWS account is faster than creating a profile on Expedia. As a result, there are dozens of SaaS start-ups in the analytics, CRM, social CRM, ERP, supply chain management and many other areas of enterprise software. The ones that are going to make it already have a very clear vision of which complex, challenging, impossible business processes their customers face that they can standardize on, drive down cost per user per month down, and build a real business on.

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Share Your Insights for a Chance to win an autographed copy of the best-selling book The New Polymath

Vinnie Mirchandani’s book The New Polymath: Profiles in Compound-Technology Innovations is the best one I’ve read in years on how to unlock creativity and innovation, not just in companies but in ourselves. A polymath is by definition a person who excels at several different areas of study.

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