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Share Your Insights for a Chance to win an autographed copy of the best-selling book The New Polymath

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Vinnie Mirchandani’s book The New Polymath: Profiles in Compound-Technology Innovations is the best one I’ve read in years on how to unlock creativity and innovation, not just in companies but in ourselves.   A polymath is by definition a person who excels at several different areas of study.

This book is a journey through the modern landscape of polymaths, from the innovation at General Electric to clean tech, to an excellent analysis of how social networks are changing CRM.  There are many more areas covered including guidance on changing organizations to be more creative and innovative.    Well balanced with case studies of companies creating innovative processes, products and perspectives that are changing entire industries, this book delivers fascinating insights.

Winning is Easy, Just Share Your Insights

I have a passion for teaching and enjoy helping students.

I have noticed that at the universities I teach at, the social networking applications are out of step with student needs.  This contest focuses on creative, innovative ways to bridge this gap. Send in as many ideas as you want to each question and the best response to each will win an autographed, personalized copy of Vinnie Mirchandani’s book.

First Contest for a copy of The New Polymath

From a student’s perspective, how can a school or university be more effective at using popular networks to achieve course and learning objectives?

Second Contest for a copy of The New Polymath

How can instructors create more of an interest in  learning and attain course objectives using popular social networks, in addition to class portals and websites?

Please send your responses to me at lcolumbus at cincom dot com.  Good luck and thank you!

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