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SAP Using Humor To Sell SaaS In Latest Business ByDesign Video

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In July, SAP bravely broke ranks with the “big is better and ERP is VERY serious business ” messaging the company had seemingly been frozen in for years with a break-out marketing video they produced with Epipheo Studios.  If you have not checked out Ephipheo, be sure to.  They are doing excellent work across a range of clients.

Earlier this week SAP released their second Epipheo Studios video of the year, SAP Business ByDesign — SaaS Made Simple!

This video attacks the perception many small businesses have of ERP systems being large, unresponsive, complex, difficult to use, and costly.  All of this is done with self-deprecating humor, while showing how Business ByDesign can scale to the needs of a small, quickly growing business.  It is very well done and worth checking out.

SAP Struggling To Get Business ByDesign Off the Ground According to the Wall Street Journal

"It was not as successful as expected," says Rainer Zinow, SAP's senior vice president for Business ByDesign. "You can do everything you want under lab conditions, but when you are in the real world, sometimes things look a bit different."

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SaaS-based ERP Systems are Business Process Stress Tests in Progress

Bottom line: Signing up for an Amazon AWS account is faster than creating a profile on Expedia. As a result, there are dozens of SaaS start-ups in the analytics, CRM, social CRM, ERP, supply chain management and many other areas of enterprise software. The ones that are going to make it already have a very clear vision of which complex, challenging, impossible business processes their customers face that they can standardize on, drive down cost per user per month down, and build a real business on.

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SAP On How SaaS Can Tame the ERP Beast for Small Business

So when the following video came out with its relaxed, casual narration voice, devoid of vendor-speak and the torrent of acronyms the majority of ERP marketing videos have, many took notice. With over 6,400 views on YouTube as of today (July 30th) the message is resonating. The self-deprecating humor about ERP systems is hilarious.

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