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The InterCloud and Future of Computing: A Few Moments with Vint Cerf

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On January 7th Vint Cerf, Vice President and Chief Evangelist at Google was interviewed during a Churchill Club Meeting held at SRI International in San Mateo, CA.  Dr. Cerf is one of the co-inventors of the TCP/IP protocol which is the connectivity standard the Internet is based on.

In this five minute video clip he explains how the nascent growth of the Internet in 1973 parallels the growth of cloud computing today. He calls for cloud computing standards and the equivalent of a “state” engine that would enable applications to more effectively integrate with each other.

His vision of the InterCloud has enterprise software implications, readily applicable to CRM, supply chain management, supply chain planning and globally-based reverse logistics networks.  While Dr. Cerf does not mention sustainability initiatives, an InterCloud would be well suited for managing Design for Environment (DfE) networks that span suppliers and contract manufacturers.

The ideas presented make this video worth checking out as it presents a unique aspect of cloud computing not often discussed.


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