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SAP Struggling To Get Business ByDesign Off the Ground According to the Wall Street Journal

"It was not as successful as expected," says Rainer Zinow, SAP's senior vice president for Business ByDesign. "You can do everything you want under lab conditions, but when you are in the real world, sometimes things look a bit different."

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Oracle CEO Larry Ellison defines Cloud Computing at OpenWorld

For all the hype and millions spent entertaining customers, analysts and the press at OpenWorld, Oracle isn’t really breaking new ground here. They are taking their enterprise model and shifting it not to a cloud strategy, but an enterprise stack. The following video is excellently done by IDG and worth watching.

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Insights Into Creating Scalable Java Applications on the Windows Azure Platform

David is a former Java Architect and in this presentation, he provides a great overview of the Azure platform, its key components. He also provides a great tutorial of how cloud architectures vary for Flickr, Facebook, SlideShare and Twitter, and explains how Java applications can be made highly scalable on the Azure platform.

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Red Cloud Rising – How Oracle Is Creating the Next Enterprise Stack

As Oracle continues to build out their enterprise stack with acquisitions over the next year, sales of the Exalogic Elastic Cloud will be a leading indicator of how successful their new systems strategy is and where. Most likely stealth environments including aerospace and defense, banking and financial services will immediately see a need. Oracle has taken the concept of cloud computing and used it as a unifying concept to make their acquisitions make sense. It remains to be seen if Oracle customers will be willing to make such significant changes during a time when any purchasing or spending risks are being avoided.

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