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Video Explains Fundamentals of SaaS

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Defining SaaS

Videos abound online explaining Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and its underlying concepts.  Many however are written and produced to promote applications, services and platforms and certain key concepts are often not covered.

Understanding Multitenancy and Application Programming Interfaces

The video below was produced as part of the InfoWorld InfoClipz Series and is one of the more unbiased and balanced.  Concepts of multi-tenancy, Application Service Providers (ASPs), and Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) are discussed – and all are great to know if you are interested in learning more about the SaaS platform.

SaaS Economics Fueling Its Growth Even In A Recession

The video also alludes to the cost advantages of SaaS.  Being able to treat software investments as an operating expense (OPEX) over capital expense (CAPEX) has many advantages which will be discussed on this blog.  OPEX spending is controlled to the department level, which gives channel management, marketing, sales, and service the freedom to quickly move to adopt applications needed to support their business strategies.  This factor alone continues to be a major contributor to the rapid growth of SaaS-based applications. I hope the video is useful in your pursuits to learn more about the SaaS platform.

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