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Google’s Enterprise Cloud Vision Takes Shape at Atmosphere 2010

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Having struggled to gain a foothold in the enterprise, Google has this year gone after this market with increased focus and intensity. Part of this increased focus on the enterprise is going to involve exclusive events where CIOs have the chance to interact with industry thought leaders.  The first of several events was held Monday of this week at the Googleplex.

Atmosphere 2010: Into the Cloud included presentations from Geoffrey Moore, Mary Meeker, Marc Benioff, Dr. Werner Vogels, and Quentin Hardy.  These thought leaders presented how the cloud is changing business models and the economics of computing, two areas at the top of CIOs’ minds today.

Google made selected video segments of Atmosphere 2010 available later in the week and two of the more interesting ones are shown below. The first is with Geoffrey Moore, best-selling author and Managing Director of TCG Advisors.  He is an excellent presenter, and while I did not attend this event on Monday, I have seen him speak at other conferences.  His segment of Atmosphere 2010 is insightful and worth watching.  The clip of his presentation is below.

Mary Meeker, Managing Director of Morgan Stanley, leads the firm’s global technology research team.  She is considered to be one of the leading Wall Street analysts covering Internet and technology-related companies.  She presented on the Mobile Internet and predicted exceptional growth of social networks and cost consolidation of networking hardware.  She also predicts that within five years more users globally will connect to the Internet over mobile devices than traditional desktop PCs. Considered to be one of the best technology researchers in the industry, her presentation is rich with insightful analysis and information.

For a complete analysis of this presentation see an excellent blog post on GigaOm by Mathew Ingram, Mary Meeker: Mobile Internet Will Soon Overtake Fixed Internet. There is also a link to Scribd to view the complete presentation at the end of the blog post.

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