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Taking A Quick Tour of Apache Hadoop and HBase

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Cloudera’s Todd Lipcon has put together an excellent overview of Hadoop and HBase and it is provided below.   Apache Hadoop is a scalable software framework capable of supporting highly data intensive applications.

The last twelve months has seen a steady increase in interest in Hadoop and HBase due to its implications for all variations of cloud-based applications, services, and testing.  Google Trends shows the following results on Hadoop for example.  Please click on the Trends graphic to see a larger image.

The Google File System (GFS) and Google MapReduce concepts serve as the theoretical foundation of Hadoop and HBase.  Doug Cutting created Hadoop while working at Yahoo.  The 45 slides in the following presentation provide an excellent overview of Hadoop and HBase and show its implications on cloud application development and services.

Amazon Announces S3 Storage Price Reduction

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Amazon Web Services announced a new pricing schedule for S3 storage that takes place immediately today, November 1rst.  Existing customers could see as much as a 19% reduction in monthly fees.  Amazon also created a new pricing tier at the 1TB level and have also deleted the current 50 – 100 TB tier.  Amazon says these pricing changes apply to the US Standard, EU – Ireland, and APAC – Singapore regions.

The full price list can be found on the Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) page here .

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Cloud Computing in Businesses – Insights from Financial Times Report

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Despite much of the hype around cloud computing and its promised ability to transform businesses, an article in Financial Times, Cloud computing in businesses shows how these technologies are redefining tax services’ business models.  The report published today provides insights into how ADP Tax Services Division can now profitably sell tax services to medium-sized companies for the first time.

Accessing New Markets With a Standardized Business Model

Standardizing their tax services and delivering them over cloud-based architectures has allowed ADP to entire markets that were not accessible before.  Previously, ADP  relied on a professional services model based on billable hours.  While very profitable in larger businesses, the billable hours model could never scale into the medium business market ADP sees as critical to their growth.

The report also discusses how IBM is revamping its cloud strategy and includes analysis of cloud adoption by Frank Gens of International Data Corporation (IDC).

Bottom line: What’s insightful about this report is that it concentrates on which business processes can be streamlined first and made more effective using cloud technologies.


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