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Updates to the e-Book and Research Page This Week

I’ve put the book, Getting Results from your Analyst Relations Strategies on the e-books and Research page for free download. Feel free to download and share it as much as you want. I wrote this book while at AMR Research originally as a guide to new vendor accounts. AMR was kind enough to allow me to publish it on my own with iUniverse. If you are considering ever writing and publishing your own book, iUniverse is worth considering. I had a great experience with them on this book. It’s a good overview of ideas for making analyst relations strategies more effective, especially for vendors just getting started.

A second e-book is titled Making Competitive Analysis Pay. This is a much more graphically-based e-book that explains how critical the three major areas of software competitive analysis are. There are also frameworks and the famous Conversation Prism which graphically explains how valuable social networks are as a competitive analysis platform. If you have any questions on it don’t hesitate to write.

I hope these e-books and the ones in development will be useful for you, thank you.

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Lessons Learned From Early Adopters of Web Software Apps

There are an outstanding series of videos sponsored by the Stanford Technology Ventures Program. One in particular is outstanding in the area of early adopter’s contributions to a start-up trying to sell software over the Internet. It features Eric Ries, co-founder and CTO of IMVU, best-selling author and board member for several companies.

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