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Roundup Of Cloud Computing Forecasts, 2017

Cloud platforms are enabling new, complex business models and orchestrating more globally-based integration networks in 2017 than many analyst and advisory firms predicted. Combined with Cloud Services adoption increasing in the mid-tier and small & medium businesses (SMB), leading researchers including Forrester are adjusting their forecasts upward. The best check of any forecast is revenue.  Amazon’s latest quarterly results released two days ago show Amazon Web Services (AWS) attained 43% year-over-year growth, contributing 10% of consolidated revenue and 89% of consolidated operating income.

Additional key takeaways from the roundup include the following:

Wikibon Worldwide Enterprise IT Projection By Vendor Revenue

Rapid Growth of Cloud Computing, 2015–2020

Worldwide Public Cloud Services Forecast (Millions of Dollars)

Deloitte IT-as-a-Service Forecast

Worldwide Cloud IT Infrastructure Market Forecast

Cloud investment by type today and in three years

AWS Segment Financial Comparison

Comparing AWS’ Revenue and Income Contributions

Public Cloud Adoption, 2017 versus 2016

60% of IT Market Growth Is Being Driven By The Cloud

CFOs say cloud investments deliver the greatest measurable impact

Cloud investments are fueling new job throughout Canada

APIs are fueling a revolution in cloud enterprise apps

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