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Insights from Google’s Research into Cloud Computing and Software Security

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Ulfar Erlingsson, Manager, Security Research at Google who has also taught at Reykjavík University, provides an overview of how Google is looking at software security for cloud users and application developers.  He shares his analysis of larger-scale Web Services and the innate strengths of cloud computing from the ongoing developments and improvements in user authentication and key management.

Google Sees Security Redefining Web Applications and Web Services

Ulfar also discusses how the advances in security will also redefine the concept of software applications online, specifically discussing JavaScript and caching effects on application performance.  Minimizing application configuration variations and streamlining application delivery will revolutionize the user experience and change the application model over time, he contends.This 40 minute video was filmed as part of the 2010 Google Faculty Summit, and Ulfar does a great job of keeping the discussion moving.

Bottom line: If you are interested in cloud security and how Google sees Web applications changing due to security concerns, take some time and watch the video, it’s a great overview.   Ulfar also has a great sense of humor, at one point he jokes that the longest relationships in his life have been with cloud services providers including e-mail.

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