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Marc Andreessen on Cloud Computing Start-ups

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Stanford Technology Venture Program regularly hosts a series of lectures that cover a broad range of topics, from creativity and innovation, to opportunity recognition, product development, finance and venture capital, globalization, leadership and several more categories listed on their site.  Many of these talks are uploaded to Stanford University’s Entrepreneurship Corner (ecorner) where anyone can view or download them for future listening.

On May 12, Marc Andreessen presented on the topic A Panorama of Venture Capital and Beyond (61 min).  During that discussion, he made several points about how entrepreneurs who seek out his venture fund, Andreessen Horowitz, rely heavily on Cloud Computing to alleviate infrastructure and hardware start-up costs.   He mentions that 96% of firms seeking funding are running on Amazon Web Services and just a few on RackSpace.  He also mentions that few are running Google AppsEngine or Microsoft Azure now.

The following clip is just over 2 minutes and provides interesting insights on the impact of Cloud Computing  on start-ups.

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