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Selling SaaS-based Applications – Lessons from

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Tien Tzuo, Chief Strategy Officer of, explains how quickly the company learned that the sales cycles of SaaS-based applications required a much greater sense of urgency, a much more distributed workforce, and much more attention to lead nurturing than had been the case with sales cycles of enterprise applications.

He also cites an example of how in the first week of the site being live they received sales leads from 60 nations where no awareness building had taken place on their part. Instead of relying on analysis to determine which to follow up on, the team decided to nurture every lead. It’s a fascinating look into the beginnings of from a selling perspective, as is his entire talk, Changing the Game of Enterprise Software (52 min). This entire series and more great videos are available from the Stanford University Technology Ventures Program video site, Stanford University Entrepreneurship Corner.

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